Who we are.

Whitfield and Associates provides considerate, experienced, thorough and personal representation to all our clients. We are committed to representing  our clients in a zealous and respectful manner. 

We believe that the foundation of an attorney’s ability to represent their client is in the relationship formed between attorney and client and therefore much of our time is spent forming a trusting relationship. 

We know that when you come to an attorney, you are usually not in the best life situation and we are here to help and we will do it with honesty, integrity, loyalty and strength.

In addition to all the experience in the courtroom, Whitfield and Associates stands out from other firms because of the work they do to prepare a case from the beginning. This includes the services of Alan Nickelson and TNT investigations to conduct our own investigations into the cases. This is something a lot of firms do not spend any time with – they merely rely on what is provided to them from the District Attorney which is often one-sided and incomplete.